How to Call for Free Via Assurance Wireless Cell phone

There is a reason why the government of the US wants to provide its citizens with free cell phones. One of those reasons is so that financially deprived citizens can have enough free minutes to call employers and get more jobs to do. The federal government via the Universal Service Fund uses Assurance Wireless, a branch of the famous Virgin Mobile, to take telecommunication services to rural communities and low income households. You need to read more about this so as to know whether you can qualify for the Assurance Wireless free government cell phone.
Each home gets only one mobile phone as long as it meets the qualification criteria. In order to attain its goals, the Universal Service Fund uses the Lifeline Assistance program, as well as the Link-Up program, to provide subsidies to telecom companies such as Assurance Wireless. AW uses its subsidy to set up and run free government cellular phone service in thirty-one states. Without this government issued subsidy, AW would incur a very huge cost to distribute phone services to rural communities and low-income households.
It gets a ten dollar subsidy per month from Lifeline Assistance program and fifteen dollars from Link-Up program. As this subsidy is small, there are some states that increase it to cover the higher cost of setting up cellular phone service in its regions. It is no wonder that the free government cell phone services vary, in terms of available number of minutes, from state to state. It is important to read more about how this service is offered in your area.
Among those who qualify for the basic cell phone service, which is offered for free, are people who decide to purchase more talk minutes, text messages or unlimited internet bundles. Through their efforts Assurance Wireless is able to make some money although its role is purely charitable. Note that toping up more voice minutes is optional and you can just stick to the free basic cell phone plan. You can however enjoy talking or messaging more for only five dollars a month. This is the cheapest paid option available.
It is possible to stop being supported by the government in future even if you are eligible now. If you ever get a higher paying job that will get you out of the poverty line recognized by your state you will lose your eligibility. But that should not be a problem as when that happen you will continue using Virgin Mobile’s cell phone services. Assurance Wireless only provides free government cell phone program. And when you become Virgin Mobile’s customer you will start buying voice minutes and text messages.
If you are in the low-income bracket, along with your family members, if any, you may be eligible for the Assurance Wireless program. However, you must fulfill the primary requirement before even worrying about being qualified. This is being in an area or state that receives free telecommunication services from the government via Assurance Wireless. If you are indeed within an area that is served by AW, you can now prepare documents that will proof that you are indeed underprivileged financially. If you are being supported by the government via public programs like Medicaid, you are much more likely to get qualified.

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